Listed below are several sources that give tips on overwintering your evergreens successfully. All of the sources reinforce the following:
  • Select the appropriate plant for your location.
  • Avoid pruning or fertilizing in the late summer--this encourages new growth that can be damaged by drying winds.
  • Water trees and shrubs until the ground freezes.
  • Use mulch to conserve moisture around the tree roots.
  • Use burlap screens to protect vulnerable evergreens from salt spray and drying winds.
  • Use an anti-desiccant on any evergreens that are vulnerable to wind.
Bizon Blue Spruce

Bizon Blue Spruce

Give us a call at the nursery (Phone: 260-637-5816) if you have any questions about over-wintering your plants.  Don't forget that extension offices around the country provide great information on gardening issues. Several great sources for tips on over-wintering: University of Minnesota Extension includes nice diagrams on the use of burlap and ties to help over-winter your evergreens. The Ohio State University Extension gives great facts about over-wintering. Enjoy the beauty of your evergreen plants for years to come!