Topsoil and Mulch Calculator

Landscape materials such as topsoil, mulch, and river rock are commonly sold by the rough yard, or partial yard.

A yard of material is 27 cubic ft. In other words a 9’x3’x1′ space.

Check out our “Tips On Mulching Page” so that you do this important garden task correctly.

Enter the area and the desired thickness of topsoil or mulch and click on “Calculate.”(see below for area calculation hints)

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Draw your site as accurately as possible to scale. Use the following formulas to determine area:

Rectangle: Area = length x width

Circle: Area = 3.1416 x the square of the radius

Triangle: Area = 1/2 x length of base x length of height

Hint #1:If you are measuring odd or complex shapes, divide the area into combinations of rectangles, triangles, and/or circles. Measure these smaller areas and total the areas for them.

Hint #2:To determine topsoil requirements for areas of varying grade you may have to estimate an average fill depth.