Our consultation service is a home visit made by our landscape designer in which individualized solutions will be provided to enhance your landscape. Each customer’s needs will be considered in coherence with the soil, sunlight, and other site conditions to provide practical suggestions. We want to help you achieve the aesthetic appearance you have always dreamed of!

The consultation includes:

  • A hand drawn sketch (not to scale) providing bed layout and specific plant suggestions or a color photo image displaying the customer’s home with the suggested plants and landscape beds
  • Information such as plant identification, diagnosis of common pests and diseases, and proper landscape maintenance practices
  • A onetime use 15% coupon, off of plant material only, will be provided for using our consultation service
** If after the consultation, the customer decides a landscape plan would be more appropriate; the consultation fee can be applied towards a landscape plan.

Landscape Plan

A landscape plan is a detailed design in which our landscape designer plans out a more precise arrangement of all landscape components such as paths, hardscape, sitting areas, specific plants, and landscape beds. Consideration for season to season appearance, lifespan, growth habit, size, and combinations with other plants/landscape features are all things the designer will take into account. We want to provide a creative but functional way to connect your home to your landscape/garden areas.

The landscape plan includes:

  • Custom, to-scale design that is 24” x 36” size and colored to fully represent the design
  • The price of the plan includes one set of revisions if necessary
  • The design is the customer’s to keep. Lost plans may be replaced for a copy fee of $10.00 per plan
  • For purchasing a landscape plan a 15% discount, good for the current nursery season, will be applied to plant material only

Our Designer, Amy, would be happy to answer any questions about these services.You can speak with her at the nursery, or you can contact her at:

Phone: 260-637-5816 Ext. #4