Deciduous Trees

Tree Varieties
Our tree selection boasts a variety of colors and styles to fit any preference.  We also offer tree planting services for your convenience.  Whether you’re looking for a decorative tree for your home, or a tree to give your backyard much needed shade, we’re here to meet your needs at prices you can afford.
Our friendly and professional staff members are here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our garden center and nursery products.  Our qualified staff members have many years of experience and have been with us for quite a few years.  They take pride in assisting customers with plant selections and landscape decisions.
This is a guide to ornamental and shade trees that we carry. It is not all-inclusive and is subject to availability.
Revised 2014 
    Dawyck Purple Beech
    30′-40’ X 10′
    Shape: Columnar
    Leaves: Purple
    Columnar European Beech with purple leaves. Prefers a protected area; can handle partial shade.
Dawyck Purple Beech
    Tri-Color Beech “Roseo-marginata”
    25′ X 20′
    Shape: Oval
    Leaves: Variegated
    Unique purple leaves have colorful pink margins. Shows off its colors best when protected from the hot afternoon sun.
Tricolor Beech
    Dura Heat River Birch
    30′-40′ X 25′-35′
    Shape: Broadly pyramidal to rounded
    Leaves: Medium to dark green
    Fall Color: Yellow
    More heat and drought tolerant form of the River Birch, with superior insect and disease resistance.
    Heritage River Birch
    40′ X 35′
    Shape: Broadly pyramidal to rounded
    Leaves: Medium to dark green
    Fall Color: Yellow to gold
    Handsome tree with brown exfoliating cinnamon bark that exposes contrasting inner bark. Excellent in wet soil. Dark green summer foliage with golden yellow fall color.
    Royal Frost Birch
    35′ X 20′
    Shape: Pyramidal
    Leaves: Purple-bronze
    Fall Color: Yellow-orange to reddish
    A cross between a Crimson Frost Birch and Whitespire Birch, this tree combines purple-bronze foliage with an upright pyramidal growth habit.
    Little King River Birch
    10′-12′ X 10′-12′
    Shape: Rounded
    Leaves: Medium to Dark Green
    Fall Color: Yellow
    Great dwarf selection with excellent borer resistance. Attractive cinnamon and cream exfoliating bark.
    Whitespire Birch
    35′ X 20′
    Shape: Narrow, pyramidal
    Leaves: Dark green
    Fall Color: Yellow
    Pyramidal shaped tree has chalk white bark, glossy dark green leaves, turning yellow in fall.
    Wildfire Blackgum

      35′ X 20′
      Shape: Rounded, with horizontal branching
      Leaves: Dark green, glossy
      Fall Color: Scarlet to maroon, yellow and orange
      Grey bark provides winter interest. Adaptable to urban conditions.
    Northern Catalopa
    50′ x 35′
    Shape: Pyramidal with rounded top
    Leaves: Large, medium green
    Flowers: White, in large clusters.
    Fall Color: Yellow
    A native to the central United States and known for its tolerance of tough conditions, especially heat and drought. It has large leaves and its branch structure presents a bold, rugged appearance.
Northern Catalpa
    Canada Red Chokecherry
    25′ X 20′
    Shape: Upright spreading, rounded
    Leaves: Emerge green, turn purple in summer
    Flowers: Small white, long clusters.
    Fall Color: Red to reddish purple
    A very cold hardy tree, used for its foliage which changes from green in spring to dark purple as the weather warms, then intensifies to reddish in fall.
    Double Pink Weeping Cherry
    25′ X 25′
    Shape: Weeping
    Leaves: Dark green
    Flowers: Double, pink
    Fall Color: Yellow to bronze
    Graceful form and an impressive spring floral display.
    Kwanzan Cherry
    30′ X 20′
    Shape: Vase shaped
    Leaves: Dark green
    Flowers: Double, rosy pink in clusters
    Fall Color: Bronze-orange to orange-red
    Large double pink flowers make it the showiest cherry in spring and account for its great popularity.
    Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry
    12’X 12′
    Shape: Weeping
    Leaves: Small, dark green
    Flowers: White
    Fall Color: Golden to orange
    Weeping, finely branched, smaller variety. Easily pruned to change its character.
    April Showers Crabapple
    8-10’ x 4-6’
    Shape: Weeping
    Leaves: Dark green
    Flowers: Pink buds opening to white flowers
    Slow growing, and suitable for smaller garden spaces this graceful, cascading effect will soften your design. In spring, buds swell to garlands of pure white flowers. As the flowers fall, dark-green, narrow foliage covers the delicate limbs with bright, carmine-red fruits.
    Candymint Crabapple
    10′ X 15′
    Shape: Irregular, rounded
    Leaves: Dark green
    Flowers: Bright Pink
    Irregularly spreading branches. Dwarf character and abundant bright red, persistent 3/8″ fruit
    Coralburst Crabapple
    15′ X 15′
    Shape: Compact, dense, round
    Leaves: Dark green
    Flowers: Coral pink buds, double rose flowers
    Good disease resistance in a small tree with gorgeous rose flowers and bronze fruit.
    Firebird Crabapple
    8’ x 10’
    Shape: Rounded/Spreading
    Leaves: Dark Green
    Flowers: Red buds opening to White
    A compact selection of Sargent Crabapple with long lasting, high quality fruit. Annual fruit display is more persistent than any other natural dwarf crabapple.
    Louisa Crabapple
    15′ X 15′
    Shape: Weeping
    Leaves: Dark green, glossy
    Flowers: True pink
    Disease resistance good, with yellow 3/8″ fruit. A pink flowered weeping crab with excellent form.
    Purple Prince Crabapple
    20′ X 20′
    Shape: Rounded
    Leaves: Purple, becoming bronze Green
    Flowers: Rose red
    Disease resistance, with 3/8″-1/2″ maroon fruit. Nice purple bronze foliage and bright flowers.
    Robinson Crabapple
    25′ X 25′
    Shape: Upright, spreading, rounded
    Leaves: Bronze green
    Flowers: Deep pink
    A fast growing crabapple with a deep pink flower and a 3/8″ red fruit in the fall.
    Royal Raindrops Crabapple (also available in clump form)
    20′ X 15′
    Shape: Upright, spreading
    Leaves: Purple, cutleaf
    Flowers: Bright pinkish red
    Fall Color: Orange-red
    Bright pinkish red flowers combine with deep purple cutleaf foliage to present a nice tree. Red 1/4″ persistent fruit.
    Sargent Crabapple
    8′ x 15′
    Shape: rounded, horizontal branching
    Leaves: Dark green leaves
    Flowers: Rosy Pink turning to white
    Small, slow growing, dense and shrubby tree with fragrant rosy-pink blossoms turning white. Profuse bloomer.
    Sargent Tina Crabapple
    6′ X 6′
    Shape: Small, rounded dwarf tree
    Leaves: Medium green leaves
    Flowers: Bright red buds opening to single white flowers
    Disease resistance, with bright red 1/4″ fruit, Most petite crab is grown as top grafted. Flowers, fruit and leaves are small.
    Sugartyme Crabapple
    18′ X 15′
    Leaves: Medium green
    Flowers: White
    Disease resistance with 1/2″ red persistent fruit. Fragrant flowers cover the tree.
Deciduous Conifers
    70’ x 30’
    Shape: Narrow/Conical
    Leaves: Medium green
    Fall Color: Coppery Bronze
    Rapid to moderate grower, with very fine, soft fern-like foliage, turning coppery-bronze in fall. Grows profusely in a wide range of soil types, even in extremely wet soil. May shed foliage during drought.
    Dawn Redwood
    70′ X 25′
    Shape: Narrow, conical
    Leaves: Medium green
    Fall Color: Rusty orange
    Fast growth; loves moist rich soils that are well-drained. Lovely cones.
    Cherokee Brave Flowering Dogwood
    30′ X 25′
    Shape: Upright
    Leaves: Green
    Flowers: Deep Red
    Fall Color: Burgundy
    Deep red flowers. Reddish green new growth. Brilliant burgundy red in fall.
    Chinese Kousa Dogwood
    20′ X 20′
    Shape: Widely vase shaped to rounded, layered
    Leaves: Medium green
    Flowers: creamy white
    Fall Color: Reddish
    Flowers in June. A beautiful dogwood that is hardier, more drought tolerant and disease resistant
    Cloud Nine Dogwood
    15-20’ x 15-20’
    Shape: Conical
    Leaves: Medium green
    Flowers: White
    Fall Color: Red to Purple
    Oval, slightly curled green leaves that turn red and purple in autumn. Features a heavy production of large white flowers at an early age. Perfect for the woodland garden, as a single specimen or in mass.
    Frontier Elm
    40’ x 30’
    Shape: Vase Shaped/Oval
    Leaves: Green
    Fall Color: Burgundy
    Resistant to the Dutch Elm Disease.
Frontier Elm
    Triumph Elm
    45’ x 50’
    Shape: Upright Oval
    Leaves: Dark Green
    Fall Color: Yellow
    Very tolerant to the Dutch Elm disease. This selection has a very symmetrical growth habit.
Triumph Elm
    Autumn Gold Ginkgo
    45′ X 35′
    Shape: Upright, broad
    Leaves: Green
    Fall Color: Gold
    A hardy male tree (seedless) becoming rather broad with age. Use as a street tree.
    Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn
    25′ X 25′
    Shape: Rounded, spreading
    Leaves: Green, glossy
    Flowers: White 2″ clusters
    Fall Color: Orange or rusty orange
    Small adaptable tree has excellent foliage, and does not have the thorns.
    Winterking Hawthorn
    20′ X 25′
    Shape: Widely vase shaped
    Leaves: Dark Green
    Flowers: White in clusters
    Fall Color: Yellow
    Attractive hawthorn with silvery bark that contrasts nicely with dark green foliage. Bold appearance.
    Pyramidal European Hornbeam
    35′ X 25′
      Shape: Dense compact, narrow when young, becoming
    Leaves: Dark green
    Fall Color: Yellow
    Symmetrical and formal in appearance. It is heat and drought resistant, seems to be relatively free of disease and pest problems.
    Frans Fontaine Pyramidal European Hornbeam
    35’ x 15’
    Shape: Columnar/Narrow
    Leaves: Dark Green
    Fall Color: Yellow
    The columnar shape of the Frans Fontaine continues all through its lifetime. It is the narrowest of the Hornbeam varieties .
    Skyline Honeylocust
    45′ X 35′
    Shape: Broadly pyramidal
    Leaves: Medium green
    Fall Color: Golden
    Widely used, very adaptable, an ideal tree in many situations.
    Sunburst Honeylocust
    40′ X 35′
    Shape: Irregular, a rough rectangular outline
    Leaves: Bright yellow tip growth
    Fall Color: Yellow-brown
    New growth is always bright yellow which contrasts attractively with the darker yellow green interior foliage.
    Ft. McNair Horsechestnut
    40′ x 30′
    Shape: Round
    Leaves: Dark Green
    Flowers: Red in 8″ long spires
    Fall Color: Yellow
    A rounded, very symmetrical tree with bright red flowers in the spring. Very striking in bloom.
    Autumn Moon Japanese Maple
    6′ x 3′
    Shape: Upright
    Leaves: Pale Yellow-Green to Soft Orange
    Fall Color: Electric Shades of Yellow, Orange, and Red
    Pale yellow-green leaves in the spring. Yellow turns to soft orange tones. The more sun exposure, the longer its orange color will stay. Slow growing.
    Bloodgood Japanese Maple
    15′ X 15′
    Shape: Upright, becoming broad with age
    Leaves: Purple-red
    Fall Color: Red
    Widely used, well known and reliable.
    Crimson Queen Japanese Maple
    6′ X 8′
    Shape: Weeping, mounded
    Leaves: Laceleaf, deep purple-red
    Fall Color: Scarlet
    Red laceleaf cultivars. The foliage is particularly heat resistant. Delicate leaves maintain their deep purple-red color through the summer and turn scarlet in the fall.
    Emperor One Japanese Maple
    15′ X 15′
    Shape: Upright
    Leaves: Purple-red
    Fall Color: Red
    Foliage comes on later in the spring. Purple-red leaves hold their color all summer. The bark is a blackish-red, nice for winter color.
    Garnet Japanese Maple
    6-8’ x 8-10’
    Shape: Upright
    Leaves: Purple-Red
    Fall Color: Red
    Rich garnet foliage. More upright form of a lace leaf Japanese Maple
    Orange Dream Japanese Maple
    8′-10′ X 8′-10′
    Shape: Upright, spreading
    Leaves: Bright orange to Chartreuse Green
    Leaves emerge bright orange and mature to chartreuse green with orange margins. Best in part-shade
    Orangeola Japanese Maple
    6-10’ T
    Shape: Dense/Mounding Habit
    Leaves: Reddish-Orange turning to Dark Green
    Fall Color: Orange/Red
    Dense mounding habit, with reddish-orange new growth that turns dark green in mid-summer. The second flush is more orange and contrasts wonderfully with the older dark green foliage.
      Shishigashira Japanese
    12′ X 8′
    Shape: Upright, vase shaped
    Leaves: Deep green, crinkled
    Fall Color: Gold with rose and crimson
    Commonly known as “Lion’s Head Maple.” Slow growing cultivar with crinkly leaves. Compact growth makes this an ideal small tree for patio or lawn.
    Tamukeyama Japanese Maple
    8′ X 12′
    Shape: Weeping
    Leaves: Laceleaf, deep purple red
    Fall Color: Red
    Leaves hold their deep purple color through the heat of summer better than other cultivars.
    Tsukushigata Japanese Maple
    8′ X 8′
    Shape: Upright
    Leaves: Deep black to purple-red
    Rare form of Japanese maple with all the best qualities of a small garden tree: modest ultimate size, durability and great color schemes. Seed set is nearly chartreuse and against the dark red is spectacular. Leaf veins, petioles and stems also contrast with the leaves.
    Tsuma gaki Japanese Maple
    6′-10′ T X 6′-10’W
    Shape: Spreading
    Leaves: Yellow green tipped with red
    This small broad tree catches your eye with soft yellow-green leaves tipped crimson red reminiscent of painted fingernails. A plus in any small garden or rock garden.
    Green Cutleaf Japanese Maple
    6′ X 8′
    Shape: Weeping, mounded
    Leaves: Laceleaf, bright green
    Fall Color: Golden orange
    Laceleaf weeper maintains a fresh bright green color all summer.
    Ivory Silk Lilac (avail. in clump form too)
    Shape: Upright, narrow
    Flowers: White
    A heavy flowering tree, covered by large plumes of small white flowers in the beginning of summer.
    Greenspire Linden
    40’ x 30’
    Shape: Dense, Pyramidal/Spreading
    Leaves: Pale Yellow
    Fall Color: Yellow
    Fragrant flower clusters in May. Useful as a street tree, in poor soil conditions or in areas requiring dense shade.
    Galaxy Magnolia
    Shape: Upright
    Flowers: Reddish-purple
    Deciduous tree form with a strong central leader. Large reddish purple flowers.
Galaxy Magnolia
    Armstrong Columnar Red Maple
    50′-60′ X 15′-25′
    Shape: Narrow upright
    Leaves: Green
    Fall Color: Red, orange or yellow
    A fast-growing tree. Great for tight spaces. It has very attractive silver-grey bark.
    Autumn Blaze Maple
    50′ X 40′
    Shape: Upright branched, broadly oval
    Leaves: Medium green
    Fall Color: Brilliant orange-red, Long lasting
    A hybrid between red and silver maple, the drought tolerance of silver maple and the fall color of red maple. A fast grower.
    Crimson King Maple
    40′ X 30′
    Shape: Oval when young, becoming rounded
    Leaves: Deep purple
    Fall Color: Maroon to reddish-bronze
    Purple foliage holds its color well from spring until fall.
    Crimson Sentry Maple
    25′ X 15′
    Shape: Compact; dense pyramidal form
    Leaves: Deep purple
    Fall Color: Maroon to reddish-bronze
    A very compact, heavily ranched upright tree with deep purple leaf color.
    Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple
    50′ X 40′
    Shape: Upright and rounded
    Leaves: Dark Green
    Fall Color: Orange, red and yellow
    Especially symmetrical crown and thick dark green summer foliage.
    Flame Maple
    15-20’ x 20-25’
    Shape: Low Branched, Multi Stem/Rounded
    Leaves: Medium Green
    Fall Color: Brilliant Orange-Red to Deep Red
    A graceful tree with spreading, slender branches, fragrant flowers, and outstanding fall color. Adaptable to many soil types.
    Green Mountain Sugar Maple
    45’ x 35’
    Shape: Oval
    Leaves: Dark Green
    Fall Color: Orange, Red and Yellow
    Widely planted selection and has proven itself very hardy over time.
    Hedge Maple
    30’ x 30’
    Shape: Dense/Rounded
    Leaves: Dark Green
    Fall Color: Yellowish
    A low maintenance tree that adapts well to urban settings. Attractive corky bark is striking in winter. A long-lived tree with a medium to slow growth rate.
    Redpointe Maple
    45’ x 30’
    Shape: Upright/Broadly Pyramidal
    Leaves: Dark Green
    Fall Color: Brilliant Red
    The traits of the best Red Maple cultivars combine with the faster growth rate of the Autumn Blaze Maple. A straight and dominant central leader results in strong branch angles that make it easier to grow.
    Red Sunset Maple
    45′ X 35′
    Shape: Upright branching, oval
    Leaves: Dark green, glossy
    Fall Color: Brilliant orange-red to red
    Highest rated and reliable of the red maple cultivars. Fast growing, symmetrical branching. Brilliant fall color.
    Somerset Maple
    25-30’ x 15-25’
    Shape: Upright/Oval
    Leaves: Dark Green
    Fall Color: Deep Red
    A cross between October Glory and Autumn Flame, this new variety is seedless and has proven itself to be adaptable to many types of soil conditions.
    State Street Maple
    50′ X 35′
    Shape: Upright oval
    Leaves: Dark green
    Fall Color: Yellow
    Hardier alternative to a Hedge maple with a rough corky bark–stronger growth rate and slightly larger. Excellent drought and cold tolerance. Pest free foliage.
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    Sun Valley Maple
    40′ X 35′
    Shape: Oval, symmetrical
    Leaves: Dark green
    Fall Color: Bright red
    A cross between Red Sunset and Autumn Flame it is seedless and features a very uniform, dense oval head. Bright red reliable fall color.
    Bur Oak
    70’ x 30’
    Shape: Upright
    Leaves: Dark Green, Glossy
    Fall Color: Yellowish Brown
    Slow growing, spreading tree ideal for large areas.
    Pin Oak
    55′ X 40′
    Shape: Pyramidal with slender horizontal branches
    Leaves: Green
    Fall Color: Rusty orange to red
    A tree with a very distinctive growth habit. Branches are long, slender and horizontally layered.
    Red Oak
    50′ x 45′
    Shape: Rounded
    Leaves: Dark green
    Fall Color: Red
    Red Oak is a large, fast growing, broad headed tree. The large leaves turn from a rich green to deep red in the fall.
    Regal Prince Oak
    40′ X 25′
    Shape: Columnar, oval
    Leaves: Dark Green, glossy
    A cross between an Upright English Oak and a Swamp White Oak. Beautiful all season long, the foliage has an attractive silvery lower surface.
    Shingle Oak
    50′ X 40′
    Shape: Broadly Oval
    Leaves: Dark green, glossy
    Fall Color: Yellowish to rusty red
    Nicely shaped tree tending toward pyramidal; leaves without the usual lobing of Oaks.
    Swamp White Oak
    60′ X 60′
    Shape: Rounded, spreading
    Leaves: Dark green
    Fall Color: Yellow to some purple
    Best in acid soil, this variety also needs moderately moist conditions.
    Cleveland Select Pear (also available in clump form)
    30′ x15′
    Shape: Upright, narrowly pyramidal
    Leaves: Green, glossy
    Flowers: White in clusters
    Fall Color: Reddish
    A densely growing, narrow selection suitable for street planting. Less susceptible to wind breakage.
    Bloodgood London Planetree
    50′ X 40′
    Shape: Spreading, rounded
    Leaves: Green
    Fall Color: Yellow
    Adaptable to adverse soil conditions. More resistant to anthracnose than Sycamore. Naturally shedding bark creates a dappled brown and green pattern.
    Eastern Redbud
    25′ X 30′
    Shape: Multi-stem or upright spreading
    Leaves: Medium green
    Flowers: Reddish purple bud rosy-pink when opened
    Fall Color: Yellow
    Profuse flowers that bloom in April or May before the leaves develop. Nice for naturalized garden areas or smaller yards.
    Forest Pansy Redbud
    20′ X 25′
    Shape: Upright spreading
    Leaves: Deep purple paling to bronze-green interior
    Flowers: Magenta/rose
    Fall Color: Yellow orange
    Red-leaved selection of the Eastern Redbud. Magenta rose flowers appear before the foliage
    Lavender Twist Redbud
    8′-10′ X 8′-10′
    Shape: Weeping
    Flowers: Pink/Rosy-Mauve
    Fall Color: Yellow
    Small spring-flowering weeper. Great accent tree.
    Autumn Brilliance (both clump and single trunk form)
    20′ X 15′
    Shape: Upright, moderately spreading
    Leaves: Medium, green
    Flowers: White, in clusters
    Fall Color: Bright red
    Good form and strong branching. It displays reliable spring bloom and bright fall colors.
    American Sweetgum
    40′ X 25′
    Shape: Broadly pyramidal-oval
    Leaves: Green
    Fall Color: Orange and purple
    Moderate growth rate, nice fall color.
Tulip Tree
    Tulip Tree
    60′ X 30′
    Shape: Oval
    Leaves: Medium green
    Flowers: Yellow with orange center
    Fall Color: Bright, clear yellow
    Large, fast growing. Native to eastern U.S. Flowers in late spring, large yellow-green with an orange center, shape of a tulip.
Tulip Tree
    Variegated Tulip Tree
    50′ x 25′
    Shape: Upright Oval
    Leaves: Green with Creamy Yellow Margins
    Flowers: Yellow/Green
    Fall Color: Yellow
    Large size, upright habit and vivid, handsomely variegated foliage. Grows vigorously into a unique focal point in any landscape.
Weeping Willow
    Golden Weeping Willow
    40′ X 60′
    Shape: Broadly weeping
    Leaves: Green
    Fall Color: Yellow
    Fast growing with a very graceful wide spreading habit. Tolerant of wet soils.
    Green Vase Zelkova
    45′ x 30′
    Shape: Vase Shaped/ Upright Arching Branches
    Leaves: Green
    Fall Color: Orange
    Strong vase shaped selection producing a taller more graceful tree than other varieties.
Small Flowering
    Bloomerang Lilac Tree
    4-6’ x 4-6’ Head
    Shape: Rounded
    Leaves: Dark green
    Flowers: Violet/Purple
    Re-blooming dwarf lilac grafted unto standard. Blooms heavily in the spring, and then prune to encourage re-blooming throughout the summer.
    Dwarf Korean Lilac Standard
    4′ X 5′ Head
    Shape: Rounded
    Flowers: Violet-purple flowers late spring
    Top grafted lilac on a standard. The standard will remain at the same height, but the head will continue to grow. Excellent patio tree.
Dwarf Korean Lilac
    12′-20′ X 12′-20′
    Shape: Spreading, open crown
    Flowers: White fringe-like
    Slow to moderate growth; Sun to partial shade; prefers moist, well drained soil. Creamy flowers with bluish-black fruit in fall; attractive to birds.
    Hibiscus “Rose of Sharon” (Tree Form)
    10′ X 8′
    Shape: Upright
    Leaves: Dark green
    Flowers: Comes in a variety of colors-red, white, lavender and pink
    Fall Color: Yellow-green
    Upright, ornamental shrub trained into tree form. Showy double flowers bloom all summer amid bright green serrated leaves. Will handle some shade.
    Limelight Hydrangea (Tree Form)
    10’X 10′
    Shape: Upright, rounded
    Flowers: Greenish, creamy white aging to pink
    Abundant flowers late in the summer. Flowers will dry on tree to create winter interest.
    Pink Diamond Hydrangea (Tree Form)
    10′ X 10′
    Shape: Rounded
    Leaves: Dark green
    Flowers: Pinkish-white Panicles in July
    This hydrangea has a light pinkish-white bloom from the start and turns darker as the season progresses.
    Quick Fire Hydrangea (Tree Form)
    10′ X 10′
    Shape: Upright, rounded
    Flowers: White aging to reddish pink
    Adaptable, earlier blooming hydrangea with large flower panicles.
Quickfire Hydrangea
Small Non-flowering
    Dappled Willow Standard
    9′ X 6′ Head
    Shape: Rounded
    Leaves: Variegated
    The new growth is a glossy bright pink which unfolds into variegated slender leaves dappled with colors of pink, white, and green.
Dappled Willow
    Weeping Pussy Willow
    15′ x 10′
    Shape: Weeping
    Leaves: Green
    Flowers: Gray/Green
    Fall Color: Yellow
    Silvery pink catkins that appear in winter or early spring. Graceful weeping form.