Trees for Small Spaces

Snow Fountains Weeping White Cherry

Snow Fountains Weeping White Cherry

Many of our customers find that their space for trees is limited by the size of their yard, or by the location of buildings and other features. We do have a variety trees that can fill these spaces beautifully. The Snow Fountains White Weeping Cherry is a tree that will reach 12 feet tall by 12 feet wide while providing an abundance of white blooms early in the spring.

Measure your space carefully to make sure that your trees will fit the space as they grow. A common mistake is to place a tree too close to a structure when it is young, and where pruning will ultimately become a burden and will affect the beauty of the tree.

Bring us the dimensions of your landscape bed and note where windows, doors, sidewalks and other building features may affect the placement of your new tree. Sometimes a tree isn’t the proper solution to your landscape problem, but read on for a list of small trees that can fit most tight spaces happily.

Fox Valley Dwarf River Birch
10′ X 10′
Rounded shape with an attractive cinnamon and cream exfoliating bark. Excellent resistance to birch borer.

Coralburst Crabapple
15′ X 15′
Coral pink buds, and double rose flowers. Good disease resistance in a small tree with gorgeous rose flowers and bronze fruit.

Louisa Crabapple
15′ X 15′
A pink flowered weeping crab with excellent form.

Sargent Tina Crabapple
6′ X 6′
Bright red buds opening to single white flowers; bright red ¼” fruit. Most petite crabapple.

Peve Minaret Baldcypress
4′-6′ X 6′-8′
Dwarf version of the bald cypress. Great for screening.

Weeping Japanese Larch
Stake to desired height
Unusual looking specimen with a highly weeping form. All the pendulous branches will droop down from the staked plant in a dramatic fashion.

Japanese Maples
Range from 8 feet by 8 feet to 15 feet by 15 feet when mature.
Many types and sizes that are slow growing. They prefer protection from west winds and afternoon sun and range in color from Orange, to green, to dark reddish purple.

Lavender Twist Redbud
8′-10′ X 8′-10′
Small spring-flowering weeper. Great accent tree.

Cotoneaster Patio Tree
5′ X 5′
Glossy dark green/pink to white flowers Small patio tree with a stiffly weeping habit. Bright orange-red berries in fall.

12′-20′ X 12′-20′
Creamy flowers with bluish-black fruit in fall-attractive to birds.

Hibiscus-“Rose of Sharon” (Tree Form)
10′ X 8′
Showy double flowers bloom all summer amid bright green serrated leaves. Will handle some shade.

Hydrangea (Tree Form)
8′-10′ X 8′-10′
Limelight, Pee Gee, Pink Diamond, Quickfire and Tardiva Hydrangeas in tree form. Bloom late in summer into fall.

Dwarf Korean Lilac and Miss Kim Lilac (Tree Form)
4′ X 5′ head
Rounded Violet-purple flowers late spring Top grafted lilac on a standard. The standard will remain at the same height, but the head will continue to grow. Excellent patio tree.

Weeping Pussy Willow
15′ X 10′
Gray-green Silvery pink catkins that appear in winter or early spring and gray-green foliage. Graceful weeping form.

Dappled Willow Standard
9′ X 6′
The new growth is a glossy bright pink which unfolds into variegated slender leaves dappled with colors of pink, white, and green.

Dwarf Burning Bush Standard
8′ X 8′ head
Dwarf Burning Bush grafted on a standard. Bright red fall color.

Fragrant Viburnum Standard
8′ X 8′ head
Viburnum with fragrant, white, round clusters of flowers in spring.

Tiger Eye Sumac
6′ X 6′
Beautiful golden-leafed form. New growth is a lively green, quickly changing to yellow showing a nice contrast with the rosy-pink leaf stems.

Baby Blue Eyes and Sester Dwarf Colorado Spruces
12′ X 6′
Dwarf forms of blue spruce with a very slow growth rate.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce
6′-8′ X 5′
Dwarf form Alberta Spruce with a slow growth rate and conical shape.


Take a look at our tree lists to find the perfect fit for your landscape.


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