Landscape Contractor Services

Contractor Contact Details

Contractors can contact our Sales Department directly to have us gather orders and confirm availability of material. See below for details.

Brian Neher is the coordinator of Contractor Sales. He can be reached directly by calling: 260-637-5816 Ext. #3

You may also email him directly. His email is:

Contractor Contact Details

Material Coordination

  • Email your plant order with a date for pickup or delivery and we will consolidate your plants in our Sold Area.
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for ordering plant material that we don’t have on hand. We will suggest substitutions if your time frame does not allow for ordering new plants (see note about weekly ordering below)
  • Pick up at your convenience or schedule a delivery.


  • Delivery of your orders can be coordinated with your schedule. Please call the contractor line at 637-5816 Ext #3 to set up the day and time of your delivery. Delivery fees vary with the distance from the nursery.
  • Trees, shrubs, and perennials can all be delivered at the same time.
  • Mulch, soil, and stone are also available for delivery but may need to be brought separately.

Questions regarding current inventory

  • If you have questions about our current inventory including sizes or quantity, call our contractor line. If we don’t answer, please leave a message and we will get back with you shortly.
  • Our inventory is very fluid and will change very quickly at times. Our tagging policy allows you to reserve material until you need it. We will periodically call and check on these tagged items if they remain at the nursery longer than a couple of weeks.

Weekly Ordering

  • For your ordering and planning purposes, we order our plants on Mondays and receive the shipments on Thursday or Friday of the same week. Please plan accordingly if you have larger orders or specific needs for us to fill.
  • Please note that deciduous and evergreen B&B trees are limited to spring and fall digging only. Consider pre-purchasing these if you have a need for these items in mid-summer. We do our best to estimate the quantities we will need between the digging seasons but we occasionally run out of certain items before the fall digging begins.

Job Ordering

  • If you have a job several weeks or months in the future let us know in advance and we will get your material here just in time for the job. The material will look its best when you install it from fresh inventory stock. There is no need to have us hold plants for weeks.
  • We will contact you with issues if we have trouble obtaining any material and we can suggest substitutions.
  • If you need any plant types that we don’t stock on a regular basis or plants in numbers that exceed our usual quantity-on-hand we will require a 50% deposit in advance of ordering the plants.


  • We can provide quotes for your jobs. Please send us a list of materials needed, quantity, and sizes. Quantity pricing may be available.
  • Please provide the materials in list form. These lists can be emailed or dropped off to the nursery.