Weekly Arrivals

Check here for weekly updates on what’s new at the nursery.

New Arrivals as of 4/9/21

We have started to receive shipments of plant material. Stay tuned for many many more to come!

***This list does not guarantee that we will have these items in stock when you arrive to the nursery. Our inventory is always changing and some items sell out very quickly.***

Shrubs Trees
Azalea, Cascade Fringetree, White
Azalea, Renee Michelle Arborvitae, Green Giant
Azalea, Stewartstonian Juniper, Spartan
Buckthorn, Fineline Oak, Swamp White
Burning Bush Paw Paw
Chokeberry, Autumn Magic Black Pine, White
Chokeberry, Brilliantissima Poplar, Tulip
Dogwood, Arctic Fire Spruce, Norway
Dogwood, Ivory Halo Sweetgum, Slender Silhouette
Honeysuckle, Cool Splash
Hydrangea, Annabelle
Hydrangea, Bobo
Hydrangea, Little Lime
Hydrangea, Strawberry Sundae
Hydrangea, Vanilla Strawberry Grasses/Perennials
Juniper, Buffalo Daisy, Becky
Juniper, Grey Owl Grass, Karl Foerster
Lilac, Dwarf Korean Iris, Caesar’s Brother
Lilac, Miss Kim Iris, Varigated
Ninebark, Little Devil Monarda, Bubblegum Blast
Rose, Double Knockout Monarda, Grape Gumball
Rose, Knockout Phlox, Creeping
Rose, Pink Drift Sedum, Cauticola
Rose, Pink Knockout Sedum, Dazzleberry
Rose, Red Drift
Rose, Sweet Drift
Sand Cherry, Purple Leaf
Spiraea, Magic Carpet
Viburnum, Blue Muffin Arrowwood
Viburnum, Chicago Lustre
Viburnum, Summer Snowflake
Viburnum, Winterthur
Yew, Densi
Yew, Hicksii
New Arrivals as of 4/9/21