Weekly Arrivals

Check here for weekly updates on what’s new at the nursery.

New Arrivals as of 9/24/22

***This list does not guarantee that we will have these items in stock when you arrive to the nursery. Our inventory is always changing and some items sell out very quickly.***


♥ ===>  Farm Favorite
Fall Favorites Trees
Aster ♥ Crabapple, Sugartyme
Celosia Lilac, Ivory Silk
♥ Gourds Oak, Bur
♥ Mona Lavender Oak, White
Mums ♥ Serviceberry, Autumn Brilliance (Clump)
♥ Ornamental Peppers
♥ Pumpkins
♥ Zinnias
Arborvitae, Emerald Green
Perennials Arborvitae, Fairview
Allium, Millenium ♥ Arborvitae, Mr. Bowling Ball
♥ Anemone, September Charm Arborvitae, Steeplechase
♥ Clematis, Sweet Autumn Boxwood, Green Mountain
Daisy, Daisy May Boxwood, Green Velvet
♥ Fern, Autumn Brilliance ♥ Buckthorn, Fine Line
Fern, Lady in Red Burning Bush, Dwarf
Fern, Male Cypress, Gold Mop
Fern, Sensitive Hydrangea, Bloomstruck
Gayfeather, Kobold ♥ Hydrangea, Bobo
Geranium, Max Frei ♥ Hydrangea, Fire Light Tidbit
Geranium, Rozanne Hydrangea, Little Lime Punch
♥ Grass, Blue Eyed Hydrangea, Little Quick Fire
Grass, Elijah Blue Fescue ♥ Hydrangea, Summer Crush
Grass, Karl Foerster Hydrangea, Tiny Tuff Stuff
Hosta, Patriot Hydrangea, Tuff Stuff
♥ Lavender, Sweet Romance Juniper, Calgary Carpet
Ligularia, BrittMarie Crawford ♥ Ninebark, Little Devil
Liriope, Variegated Rhododendron, PJM
Phlox, Garden, Bubblegum Pink Rose, Knock Out
♥ Phlox, Garden, Coral Crème Drop Spruce, Dwarf Alberta
Phlox, Garden, Grape Lollipop Weigela, Spilled Wine
Rudbeckia, American Gold Rush Weigela, Wine & Roses
Russian Sage, Denim ‘N Lace Yew, Capitata
Sedum, Autumn Fire Yew, Hicks
New Arrivals as of 9/24/22