Quickly spreading in sun to part sun.  6” Tall  and 12”-24” Wide with bluish-purple flower spikes in late spring. Foliage ranges from pinks to purples and dark greens.


Slowly mat-forming in full sun and well-drained soil.  8” Tall and 12” Wide with scented flowers in whites to pinks and reds. Blooms in summer, and will re-bloom if sheared. Bluish-green foliage is often evergreen.

English Ivy

Quickly spreading vine with woody stems that cling. Prefers well-drained soil in shade to part-sun. 6” Tall X 36” Wide.

Lamb’s Ear

Matt-forming, fast-growing foliage plant with large, velvety silver leaves. 8” Tall continuing to spread anywhere where branches touch soil. Best in full sun. ‘Helene Von Stein’ variety does not flower.

Liriope and Variegated Liriope

Grows moderately into dense, spreading clumps in sun to part-sun. Clumps are 12” Tall X 12” Wide. Leaves are strap-like and are either dark green or are striped green and white. Flowers are spikes of pale purple in late summer.


Moderate to fast spread of glossy foliage in shade to part-shade.  6”-12” Tall. White, bottlebrush flowers in the spring.

Creeping Phlox

Short, mat-forming 2”-6” Tall  X 20” Wide. Sun to part-sun with heavy flowering in the late spring. Colors range from white, pink to purple.


Medium growth rate with dense creeping habit. For hot, dry sites in full sun. Many different foliage colors, heights and spreading habits. Flowers appear in summer and also range in color depending on the variety.

Creeping Thyme

Very low-growing, mat-forming with a medium to fast growth rate in full sun. Well-drained soil is best. 3”-5” Tall X 12” Wide. Flowers in summer will be white, pink or dark pink. Foliage can be dark green to woolly gray.


Trailing, vining plant that forms mats of glossy, dark green leaves in Sun to Shade. 4”-6” Tall X 36” Wide. Small blue flowers appear in spring to early summer. Very tough plant for a variety of conditions.