Ornamental Grasses

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Grasses 3’ and Under

  • Elijah Blue Fescue

Low growing blue-gray tufted grass best for sun. Salt tolerant. 8”-12” Tall X 8”-12” Wide.

  • Little Blue Stem

Native with an upright narrow habit that likes hot, dry conditions. Gray-blue foliage that turns red-orange in the fall. 2’-3’ Tall and Wide.

  • Japanese Forest Grass

Slow-growing for shade to part-shade. Gracefully arching stems are mounded and the foliage ranges from variegated white and green to gold. 8”-10” Tall and 12”-16” Wide.

  • Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass

Dense, green mound with showy bottlebrush spikes August-October. Best in full sun. 2’-3’ Tall and Wide.

  • Autumn Moor Grass

Narrow leaves that form a dense clump with small silvery seed heads. Very drought tolerant once established. Full sun. 12” Tall and Wide.

  • Prairie Dropseed

Native grass with fountain of fine-textured leaves. Full Sun. Tolerates a wide range of soils. 2’-3’ Tall and Wide.

  • Everest and Evergold Sedge

Clumping grass for part-shade. Striped in shades of green with white or yellow. Mounded habit 12” Tall X 12” Wide.

Grasses 4’ to 8’

  • Gracillimus Maiden Grass

Fine-leaved with a narrow white stripe. Feathery, creamy seedheads appear in September to October. 4’-6’ Tall X 2’-3’ Wide. Best in sun.

  • Morning Light Maiden Grass

Fine-leaved with silvery white edges appear very silver. Reddish-bronze seedheads in late summer to fall. Best in sun to part sun. 4’-5’ Tall X 2’-3’ Wide.

  • Variegated Maiden Grass

White-striped foliage that develops white plumes in the late summer to early fall. Full sun to part sun. 4’-5’ Tall X 3’-4’ Wide.

  • Porcupine Grass

Upright bright green foliage with yellow bands. Reddish fan shaped seed heads in fall. Will grow in wet areas. 4’-5’ Tall X 3’-4’ Wide.

  • Karl Foerster Reed Grass

Upright clump that greens earlier in the spring and blooms earlier in the summer than other grasses. Narrow. Best in full sun. 3’-4’ Tall X 2’-3’ Wide.

  • Shenandoah Switch Grass

Native, upright grass that develops red tones in the summer turning burgundy in fall. Seedheads are rosy pink panicles in summer. Best in full sun. 4’ Tall X 2’-3’ Wide.

  • Zebra Grass

Upright green leaf blades with yellow bands. Full Sun. 4’-6’ Tall.

Grasses 8’ and Over

  • Hardy Pampas Grass

Dense arching foliage with medium gray-green leaves. Tall, silvery seedheads appear in late summer and mature to be fluffy and cream-colored. 8’-10’ Tall X 5’ Wide.