Our landscape design service provides individualized solutions for any size of project, large or small! The key to a successful and beautiful landscape is proper planning and design to ensure that you enjoy your landscape for years to come. Our designer can prepare suggestions for your landscape with two different types of design services: Consultation or Landscape Plan. 


At the initial meeting our designer will discuss your needs, desires and details of your project. This initial meeting also allows for the assessment of the soil, sunlight, and other site conditions in order to provide practical suggestions. After this meeting our designer can then suggest the appropriate design elements, materials, and plants with an artistic eye. Once you have the designer’s suggestions for your project you can begin to create the landscape that you’ve always wanted! You can choose to do the landscaping on your own if you have experience and the proper supplies, or you may prefer to hire a landscaping contractor. Our designer can suggest an industry professional based on your landscaping project needs.

If you are interested in these services our designer, Amy, would be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can speak to her at the nursery or contact her at:

Email:  Amy@arborfarmsnursery.com

Phone: 260-637-5816 Ext#4