Weekly Arrivals

Check here for weekly updates on what’s new at the nursery.

New Arrivals as of 9/17/21

***This list does not guarantee that we will have these items in stock when you arrive to the nursery. Our inventory is always changing and some items sell out very quickly.***

FALL ANNUALS ARE HERE! Mums, Cabbage, Kale, mixed planters and more!!

Grasses/Perennials Trees
Black Eyed Susan, Goldstrum Arborvitae, Green Giant
Black Eyed Susan, Little Goldstar Arborvitae, Jantar
Catmint, Walker’s Low Arborvitae, Yellow Ribbon
Columbine, Little Lanterns Dogwood, Scarlet Fire
Coral Bells, Caramel Ginkgo, Jade Butterflies
Coral Bells, Obsidian Hemlock, Canadian
Coral Bells, Palace Purple Hemlock, Weeping
Coreopsis, Baby Sun Japanese Maple, Butterfly
Coreopsis, Lil Bag Daybreak Japanese Maple, Harpspring
Dianthus, Firewitch Japanese Maple, Rhode Island Red
Fern, Lady in Red Japanese Maple, Seiryu
Foamy Bells, Alabama Sunrise Japanese Maple, Spring Delight
Geranium, Max Frei Japanese Maple, Tobiosho
Geranium, Rozanne Japanese Maple, Tsuma Gaki
Grass, Dwarf Fountain Juniper, Blue Star (Standard)
Grass, Karl Foerster Juniper, Spartan
Grass, Maiden Korean Fir, Ice Breaker
Hosta, Patriot Larch, Weeping
Iris, Caesar’s Brother Pine, Angel Falls Weeping White
Iris, Variegated Pine, Blue Shag
Joe Pye Weed, Little Joe Pine, Mini Twists
Lavender, Phenomenal Pine, Prairie Statesman
Liatris, Kobold Pine, White
Liriope, Bib Blue Redbud, Flame Thrower
Liriope, Variegated Redbud, Rising Sun
Penstemon, Dark Towers Redbud, Ruby Falls
Phlox, Garden, Bubblegum Pink Redwood, Gold Rush
Phlox, Garden, Coral Crème Drop Spruce, Blaze Norway
Russian Sage, Little Spire Spruce, Bush’s Lace
Salvia, May Night Spruce, Colorado
Sedge, Evergold Spruce, Gold Drift
Sedum, Dragon’s Blood Spruce, Kamenz Serbian
Sedum, Thundercloud Spruce, Little Gem (Standard)
Veronica, Royal Candles Spruce, Montgomery
Spruce, Norway
Spruce, The Blues Weeping Colorado
Spruce, Tolleymore Norway
Spruce, Weeping Serbian
Spruce, White


Shrubs Fall Annuals & Bulbs
Arborvitae, Mr. Bowling Ball Cabbage & Kale
Beautyberry, Purple Glam Mum, #2
Boxwood, Chicagoland Green Mum, Hanging Basket
Boxwood, Green Mountain Pansies, 4″
Boxwood, Green Velvet Pansy, Bowl
Buckthorn, Fine Line Sunflower, Sunfinity
Butterfly Bush, Blue Heaven Bulbs – Allium
Chokeberry, Low Scape Mound Bulbs – Buttercup
Cypress, Gold Mop Bulbs – Crocus
Cypress, Hinoki Fernleaf Bulbs – Daffodil
Cypress, Hinoki Sunny Swirl Bulbs – Dwarf Iris
Diervilla, Cool Splash Honeysuckle Bulbs – Grape Hyacinth
Diervilla, Kodiak Orange Honeysuckle Bulbs – Grecian Windflower
Ginkgo, Mariken Bulbs – Hyacinth
Hydrange, Flare Bulbs – Snow Crocus
Hydrangea, Bobo Bulbs – Tulip
Hydrangea, Fire Light Tidbit
Hydrangea, Little Quickfire
Hydrangea, Summer Crush
Hydrangea, Vanilla Strawberry
Juniper, Common
Korean Fir, Ice Breaker
Magnolia, Ann
Ninebark, Little Devil
Pine, Blue Shag
Rose of Sharon, Lil’ Kim
Rose of Sharon, Lil’ Kim Violet
Rose, Double Knock Out
Rose, Drift Popcorn
Rose, Knock Out
Spirea, Candy Corn
Spruce, Procumbens
Spruce, Pusch
Viburnum, Juddii
Viburnum, Trilobum Compact Cranberrybush
New Arrivals as of 9/17/21