Planting Services for Trees Include

Planting prices for trees are determined by the size of the tree.

  • Delivery
  • Utility Locate call
  • Initial application of Root Stimulator
  • One year guarantee
  • Assistance and advice on care of the tree.

Delivery Services

Delivery services can usually be scheduled on the day that you call or visit our nursery.  During our busier season it is safest to call or stop in 1-2 days ahead of the time that you want the delivery. Payment for delivery is expected before or at the time that delivery takes place.  We can take payment via credit card over the phone. Aside from plant material we carry bulk materials such as mulch, soil, river rock, and boulders. Use our Mulch calculator to figure how much bulk material you might need.

  • Cost of delivery will be decided by zipcode.  The price covers any product that will fit on our delivery truck and trailer.  In general we can carry 5-7 yards of mulch, 3-4 yards of topsoil, 3 yards of river rock.  If it is determined that machinery and/or extra staff members will be needed to facilitate the delivery there may be an extra charge.
  • Cost covers delivery of tree to location of planting.
  • Smaller plants, stone, mulch, soil, etc. will be unloaded at a single location on the property that is of the customer’s choosing.  If the customer chooses to have a boulder or smaller plants placed somewhere specific in the landscape there will be an additional fee.  The customer should schedule this type of delivery ahead of time.

Landscape Design Services

  • Three choices for Landscape Design beginning with a consultation.
  • 1 hour long consultation with on-site sketch. Not to scale. Sketch will be of a specific area in the landscape.
  • Photo Image of landscape. Color photo of property is used to create a photo image of the proposed landscape design. The Photo Image will be of a specific area in the landscape.
  • Color Landscape Design. The full design is a to-scale color drawing of a complete finished landscape.

In-House Sales and Diagnostics (chemicals)

  • Our experienced staff members can help customers select plants for their landscape.  It helps to have a photograph and some general measurements of the area that is being landscaped.
  • Staff members are able to help identify or diagnose plants or plant problems. The nursery sells chemicals and tools that can be used to treat various insect or disease issues in plants.


See the Guarantee details here.

Gift Cards

We sell Gift Cards in any denomination. Contact us in person or via phone to get details and purchase a card.